Route Changes Effective March 27, 2017

Route Changes Effective March 27, 2017

New schedules will be available March 20, 2017

Route 80 will depart the Transportation Center at 45 minutes after each hour. The route will depart the TC beginning at 6:45 am.

Route 89 will no longer serve Polo Road. Heading outbound from the Transportation Center, the route will travel up University Parkway taking a slight right onto Cherry Street. It will turn left from Cherry Street onto Brownsboro Road and right on University Parkway. The route will turn left on North Point Blvd—continuing up to IFB. This route travels to Sturmer Park via University Parkway as it does currently, and will make a second trip to IFB before heading inbound. The route will take North Point Blvd to Linn Station, were it will make a right turn. It will turn left onto Brownsboro Road and right on Cherry Street, heading to the Transportation Center by way of University Parkway.

Route 90 will turn left onto 25th Street from Thurmond Street, taking a right onto Pilgrim Court, a right onto Coliseum Drive, and then a left onto University Parkway. The route continues on University Parkway heading to Long Drive, where it will turn left. The route will continue onto the campus of Wake Forest University and exit the campus by turning right onto University Parkway. Heading back to town, the route will travel Coliseum Drive to Pilgrim Court, where it will turn left. The route will make a left turn onto 25th Street and right onto Thurmond as it heads inbound. This route will no longer serve Millbrook/Greenway.

Route 106 will no longer turn right onto Clark Avenue. Instead it will turn right on Old Cherry, traveling past Kimberly Park Elementary School. The bus will then continue on Cherry and make a right turn on 25th Street, and a left turn on Pittsburg. It will travel the outbound route to Goodwill Industries and Millbrook Apartments. Heading inbound, the route will turn left onto Pittsburg, right on 25th Street and left onto Cherry Street heading past Kimberly Elementary School to 14th Street. The route will turn left on 14th and head inbound as it does currently.