For your convenience, WSTA has provided many bus routes throughout our city.

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For your convenience, WSTA offers a number of discount fares and passes.

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WSTA provides a convenient, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to travel to work, school, shopping, events and other important destinations throughout Winston-Salem. Using WSTA is easy. Plan your trip by using our NextBus real-time software from your smartphone or any mobile device or check out our schedules and maps to plan your commute.

If you need this information in large print, braille, email, audio, and/or various languages, please contact us by emailing,
Customer Service at 336.727.2000, or TTY at 1.800.735.8262.

Fixed Routes

Fixed Route buses pick up and drop off at designated bus stops and times. Schedules for each route are available in either a printed format or online. All Fixed Route buses are wheelchair accessible and equipped with bike racks. WSTA operates 30 daytime bus routes, 15 of which provide night service; 16 routes that operate from morning until midnight on Saturday and 7 Sunday routes.

Trans-Aid ParaTransit Service

Trans-AID is the Winston-Salem Transit Authority’s ride sharing transportation service for eligible riders who are elderly and/or have a disability that prevents them from riding the fixed route bus. The service area extends up to ¾ of a mile outside of the areas that the fixed buses travel.

Additional Services

WSTA provides a wide variety of transportation services such as Mobility Management, Reasonable Modifications, Travel Training and School Training Education Programs. WSTA is dedicated to providing safe and affordable transportation services to the almost 14,000 people we transport daily.


Real-time arrival information from NextBus can be obtained from signs installed at transit stops, from computers with access to the World Wide Web, and from cellular telephones and other wireless devices.

To obtain information via the Web or from wireless devices, specify your stop id to get details on when your route will be traveling to or from your destination. The information will be automatically displayed and updated every few seconds.

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Keep In Mind

Allow enough time to get to your stop.

Traffic and emergencies can affect the accuracy of predictions.

NextBus supplies only the predictions.

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Hybrid Green Bus Technology

Significantly reduce emissions that cause smog, greenhouse gases, and public health issues, • Reduce fuel consumption about 25 %, • Require less maintenance, • Reduce diesel exhaust odor, vehicle noise, and • Have same operating reliability as traditional propulsion engine buses.

Reliable Service

The frequency and span of our route coverage provides dependable transportation that you can count on! Our riders can avoid the stress of traffic congestion and enjoy a book or listen to their music with ear phones as our friendly staff takes them safely to their destination. Enhanced routes, efficient boarding, and real-time schedule adherence are major contributing factors to our high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Conveniently Located

Our Transportation Center is located in the “heart of the city” in Downtown Winston-Salem. This prime location gives our riders easy access to a rich history including Old Salem Museums and Gardens, quick and convenient access to all major sections of the city including hospitals, shopping areas, universities and businesses. Easy, expedient transfers ensure our riders are able to conveniently get to their destinations.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly, professional, well-trained, dedicated staff is one of our biggest assets. Our staff is hard-working, loyal employees that have a passion for what they do and have a talent for forming solid working relationships with our riders. They are well trained to provide top notch customer service. We take pride in hiring the “best of the best!”

Safe Bus History

Safe Bus was the legitimate child of the illegitimate system of segregation. Because there were no trolley services in the African American section of Winston-Salem when R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company erected its huge plants in 1914, a construction contractor, Mr. E. E. Richardson was forced to convert his Model T Ford automobile into a jitney in order to get his employees to work in time. This jitney was the first mode of flexible public transportation for residents of East Winston.


Public transportation saves money and time and is cheaper than the cost and maintenance of a personal vehicle. With rising fuel prices and inflation, the financial impacts of using WSTA’s services benefit us all. Our services take riders to and from their jobs; and creates and provides jobs.