Customer Experience

We want to hear about your WSTA Experience. Please fill out the form below and share your experience with us.

If you need this information in large print, braille, email, audio, and/or various languages, please contact us by emailing

Customer Service at 336.727.2000, or TTY at 1.800.735.8262.

When making a compliment or complaint, please have the following information available, the passenger’s: 

*Name, address, and telephone number  

*Detailed description of customer compliment or complaint (e.g., bus operator provided excellent customer service, reservationist was very polite; late bus, rude telephone operator) \

*Date & time of incident

*Vehicle identification

*Location of incident

*Call back desired

Any person who received inadequate customer service may file a complaint with WSTA. A complaint must be filed no later than 5 business days after the date of the incident. Complaints must be filed to the Customer Service Department, WSTA/Trans-AID, 100 W Fifth Street, WinstonSalem, NC 27101 or by calling customer service at 336.727.2000.

Complaints are reviewed by applicable department heads. The incident will be investigated by the appropriate personnel who will document the investigation. An investigation typically takes no longer than 5 business days; however, depending on the incident, a longer timeframe may be warranted. When more time is needed, WSTA staff will advise the complainant about the delay.

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