Park and Ride Registration Form

Complete this registration form to park your car in the WSTA Park & Ride lot at 3475 Parkway Village Court in Winston-Salem.


By completing this registration form you are eligible to sign up for the WSTA Guaranteed Ride Program allowing you to get back to your car by taxi in the event you have a personal emergency (personal illness, sick child, parent spouse or significant other).

WSTA’s Park & Ride service operates until 9pm Monday-Sunday on Route 83. The Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP) is available for registered Park & Ride Program participants only.

Walk to the bus shelter at the parking lot after locking your car. The Route 83 Express Park and Ride will depart the Park & Ride lot at 30 minutes after each hour (6:30, 7:30, etc.). Make sure you take the express bus, which you can identify by the electronic signage on the front of the bus. The red sign, “Route 83 Express Park and Ride will be visible in the bus’s window or on the dashboard of the bus. The express service will not stop along the route that WSTA’s regular Route 83 service travels. Instead, it will head downtown to several worksite locations, and then immediately head back to the park & ride lot. The express service does not travel to the Clark Campbell Transportation Center.

After registering for park and ride, be sure to complete the Guaranteed Ride Program electronically. You may use your WSTA 10-ride pass/$10.00 or 30-day pass/$30 for entrance onto the Park & Ride Bus.