The Winston-Salem Transit Authority, WSTA has over one thousand stops throughout the city. Bus stop locations are placed at least every few blocks along regular routes. WSTA operates 30 weekday bus routes, 4 connector routes, 3 crosstown routes making it more convenient for passengers to jump on the bus and go directly to their destination without having to come downtown to transfer and 15 routes providing service on weeknights. Passengers can take advantage of the 16 Saturday routes that travel morning to night, and 7 routes on Sunday that operate until 7pm. All routes are wheelchair accessible, and all our buses have bike racks so you can conveniently bring your bike along with you. with you.

Medicare recipients, senior citizens (age 60 and over) and disabled persons may qualify for WSTA’s Half Fare Program. To qualify individuals must either have a valid Medicare card to show the WSTA operator each time he/she rides, a Senior Citizen’s ID Card, an ID card from another transit system showing you are eligible for half fare (this is only good for 30 days) or apply for a reduced fare card by printing and completing the Half Fare Bus Services Application. If you do not have a Medicare card and are qualifying by disability, complete Part A of the application. After you have completed Part A, take the application to a medical professional for completion. A medical professional familiar with you must complete the application. Please sign the application and return it in its entirety to the WSTA Mobility Management Department at the Clark Campbell Transportation Center at 100 West Fifth Street or it may be faxed to 336.748.3161. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a reduced fare temporary ID card which is good for 30 days. Before the card expires you will be required to come to the Mobility Management office to take a picture for a permanent ID card for the Half Fare Program

Providing curb-to-curb, or if needed, door-to-door transportation services to eligible elderly or disabled citizens who reside in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County, Trans-AID is a division of the Winston Salem Transit Authority. Trans-AID provides scheduled transportation which is easily accessible, efficient and dependable.

Monday through Friday, all passengers may schedule reservations by calling 336.727.2000 (TTY NC Relay: 1-800.735.8262). Trips may be reserved up to 7 days before your actual trip. Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., only ADA Trans-AID passengers can make reservations for next-day service. If it is a holiday and WSTA/Trans-Aid is closed, only ADA passengers may leave their trip information and contact telephone number on the after-hours voicemail for next-day trips. A reservationist checks this mailbox each morning.

A major reason given by commuters for not choosing to share the ride to work is fear of being stranded during a family emergency, or personal illness. The Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP) removes the barrier of not having access to transportation in the event of a personal illness or family emergency. The GRP provides a stress-free way for WSTA Park & Ride bus passengers to have a ride from work to their WSTA park and ride lot in the event of an emergency.

Registered park & ride participants are eligible to use the WSTA GR Program if:

Ride the Park & Ride bus to work at least three times per week.

Pre-register for the program.

Have an email address and internet access.

He/she or an immediate family member suffers from an illness or severe crisis.

If you are considering using alternative transportation, but are concerned that there may be times when you need to use a car to get somewhere quickly for a personal emergency, the Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP) program has you covered.

Register with the GRP and, if you have an eligible emergency on a day you commuted on WSTA’s Express Park & Ride bus, WSTA will help you get home with a free and reliable ride.

When you need a ride, contact a WSTA Mobility Management representative at 336-727.2000 between 5:00 AM & 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday. No service will be provided on Sundays or holidays when WSTA is closed. Inclement weather may affect service availability.

When you call, a customer service representative will ask you qualifying questions, and once approved, you will be instructed to contact either a Classic Cab or a Willard Cab, which will come to your worksite to get you back to the park and ride lot.

You will be required to sign and date the receipt that has the service provider’s name and contact information printed on it. Use of unlicensed taxis will be declined.

What information is required from you when requesting a guaranteed ride? Each passenger should provide their name, phone number, emergency, origin, destination and be willing/able to provide legal identification when the taxi or arrives to pick you up.

You will be the only passenger allowed to ride in the vehicle from your worksite.

The WSTA GRP does not cover: A ride to work, a trip to or from a medical facility, personal errands, intermittent stops, scheduled appointments, medical appointments, scheduled overtime, bodily injury, company-wide emergencies or closures, business-related travel, natural disasters, termination of employment, side trips, vehicular failures, work-related injury, transportation system and/or provider closures or failures, 911 emergencies, inclement weather or acts of God.

• The program is limited to three trips per park & ride commuter within a 365-day period. Periods begin with the usage of the first WSTA GRP trip used.
• WSTA GRP trips must originate from the Park & Ride participant’s employment location.
• Commuters may be asked to provide their WSTA bus pass and work ID/NC Driver’s License in order to verify their ridership.
You are not eligible to receive a trip on the WSTA GRP in the event that you have worked your scheduled workday/shift and your alternative mode of transportation is available or if your alternative mode of transportation will be available around the same time as a taxi will be available.

How do I get started?

Register using the link below. It’s easy and free. You must create an account with your commute information.

Registration must be done online. Please allow one week to process and to receive your program card. We do not accept same-day registration.

Read our Data Privacy Policy.

WSTA Data Practices Policy

  1. You will be asked to provide certain information on this form for the purpose of providing you and like applicants with park and ride services.

  2. Participation in the WSTA Guaranteed Ride Program is strictly voluntary, and you are not required by law to furnish any of the information requested on this form.

  3. The following information requested on this form is classified as private data under the WSTA Data Practices Policy: (a) your residential address and telephone number; (b) your beginning and ending work hours; and (c) your current mode of commuting to and from work. All other information you provide is considered public data and is accessible by any person for any reason.

  4. You should know that any of the information you provide, whether classified as private or public, will be provided to certain other entities and individuals in order to supply you with the requested park and ride service, i.e. taxi provider and or WSTA personnel driving a company vehicle.

  5. The only consequences of not furnishing all of the information on this form are: (1) The guaranteed ride program will be denied data to be used in statistical evaluation, and (2) The park and ride program’s ability to supply you with the requested services may be restricted.

  6. The information provided by you on this form will be used solely and exclusively for providing you and like applicants with guaranteed ride service.

Questions? Call WSTA Mobility Management or send an email to:

WSTA Park & Ride


Due to the shutdown of Business 40 from Peters Creek Parkway to Highway 52, options for commuting in Winston-Salem are vital. The Winston-Salem Transit Authority (WSTA) has added some changes to several of our current routes and added express service to accommodate commuters.

This closure promises to increase traffic congestion and driver frustrations. WSTA is providing a newly-created Park & Ride Program on Route 83; with direct service downtown to various employer worksites. WSTA is sharing several transfer points with the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART).

WSTA’s Park & Ride service operates until 9pm Monday-Sunday on Route 83. A Guaranteed Ride Program (GRP) is available for registered Park & Ride Program participants. The GRP is a free service for registered participants in the event of a personal emergency: sudden illness at work, a sick child, spouse/significant other or parent.

In order to be eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Program, you have to register to participate as a WSTA Park & Ride passenger. Just pull in to the parking lot of the Wal-Mart Supercenter located at 3475 Pkwy Village Ct, Winston-Salem, NC 27127. Look for the Park & Ride sign. Park and secure your car.

Walk to the bus shelter at the parking lot after locking your car. The Route 83 Express Park and Ride will depart the Park & Ride lot at 30 minutes after each hour (6:30, 7:30, etc.). Make sure you take the express bus, which you can identify by the electronic signage on the front of the bus. The red sign, “Route 83 Express Park and Ride will be visible in the bus’s window or on the dashboard of the bus! The express service will not stop along the route that WSTA’s regular Route 83 service travels. Instead, it will head downtown to several worksite locations, and then immediately head back to the park & ride lot. The express service does not travel to the Clark Campbell Transportation Center.

Register for the Park & Ride Program below. Click the link to register. After registering for park and ride, be sure to complete the Guaranteed Ride Program electronically.

Any passengers in need of information regarding fixed-route bus service times, bus stop location, etc. and eligible persons who wish to use Trans-AID services to schedule trips should call the Mobility Management Department. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist callers via the telephone. They can even plan a trip for you when you want to ride the bus or use Trans-AID.

Whether you use your bike for transportation, exercise or recreation, WSTA’s bike racks allow you to extend your trip by biking to or from a bus stop. You can bike part of the way and connect with a bus route, so you can bring your bike along for fun at your destination and enjoy a bus ride home. Use your bike for a real workout, knowing you can catch the bus home. If weather is not cooperating with you as you take your exercise, get out of the rain by grabbing a bus ride home. You pay a fare, but your bike rides free!

At WSTA, our goal is to provide services which meet the needs of the residents of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. We are willing and eager to spend the time needed to make our services accessible to anyone in our community. We want our services to be pleasant and easy to use; therefore, we feel an important part of our job is teaching the people we serve how to use public transportation. The Travel Training Program is designed to help individuals or groups with their specific questions or training needs. Our one-on-one training can help you feel confident about using WSTA services. We don’t just tell you, we show you. When you know what to expect, you feel more comfortable about your journey.

Want to learn how to ride the Winston-Salem Transit Authority bus system? The School Transit Education Program will teach you everything you need to know. STEP is an entertaining and informative presentation developed by WSTA and shared at no cost with our neighbors in Forsyth County. The demonstration focuses on the features and benefits of public transportation. Our staff introduces students from Kindergarten through 12th grade to their local transit system with easy-to-understand steps. Students will enjoy hearing about transit’s role in keeping the environment clean, and by using public transportation, how they can make a difference. They’ll also discover basic bus riding principles, including locating a route number, safety, rules and much more. Following the presentation at any location, they will understand how easy it is to take the bus to their favorite destinations.


To use WSTA’s fixed route transportation services; there are three things you need to know: where you are, where you are going, and what time you need to be there.

Questions about WSTA routes, schedules and fares can be directed to WSTA’s Mobility Management Department at 336-336.727.2000 from 5:00 am to 11:30 pm Monday through Friday, 6 am to 11:30pm Saturday and 7am to 6 pm on Sunday.

Passengers may board or exit a WSTA bus at any clearly marked WSTA stop or shelter and at the Clark Campbell Transportation Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

WSTA service is called “pay enter.” As you board the bus, place exact cash fare ($1.00) into the farebox or swipe your pass or transfer through the farebox. As you take your seat, please leave the front seats for seniors or passengers with disabilities. Occupy only one seat, and place purses, packages and other personal items securely in your lap or at your feet within your seat area.

To signal the bus to stop at a WSTA bus stop or shelter, push the vertical strip on the side of the window. Signal for the vehicle to stop as you approach your desired shelter or stop. If you are uncertain about your stop location, ask your operator. He or she will assist you.